Information on various products and services are available to download below:

Examples of Roperhurst's work using fibreglass to create robust architectural features, including concealment for the telecoms industry as well as replacement/refurbishment of other building features. 
Examples of tanks and bunds fabricated using various thermoplastics including PVC, PVDF, PPS, polypropylene, polyethylene and GRP-reinforced PVC and PP
Examples of our work in the waste water treatment environment, including odour control ductwork in PVC and PVC/GRP, skip covers, walk-on GRP covers, tanks and odour control units.
Examples of the types of bespoke plastic fabrication services that Roperhurst can provide, including machine guards in polycarbonate, valve boxes, walk-in enclosures, tanks and scrubbers.
This download shows some of Roperhurst's recent dust extraction installations in the education and healthcare sectors, using galvanised and stainless steel, aluminium and PPS ductwork as appropriate to the application. 
COSHH testing and maintenance of dust extract LEV systems is also available.
Fume extraction installations including fume cupboards and fume scrubbers.  Ductwork in PVC, PPS, or GRP-reinforced PVC or polypropylene, all manufactured and installed to DW154.
COSHH testing and maintenance of fume extract LEV systems is also available.
Ductwork in PVC, PPS, polyethylene or GRP-reinforced PVC or polypropylene, all manufactured and installed to DW154.
Ductwork can be fabricated to any size, and is available both on a supply only basis or installed nationwide by our own team of in-house installers.