Other products

Products regularly supplied by Roperhurst include:

Plastic Sheet and Fittings

We work with all types of plastic materials, including PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, PETG, Polycarbonate and GRP.

We stock a wide range of sheet, duct, pipe and fittings, including PVC vent.


Plastic silencers, or plastic attenuators, (PVC, PPs, polypropylene and PVC/GRP) are regularly used to reduce the transmission of sound through ductwork, particularly where duct runs are substantial and/or serve a number of extraction hoods.

Roperhurst can manufacture plastic silencers of any size, and in any quantity to meet the needs of a particular installation.

Volume control dampers (VCD's)

VCDs are used to balance airflow through ducts, to deliver the required velocity at each extraction point.

We can supply manual and actuated multi-vane dampers, made from PVC and polypropylene, in a full range of sizes.

Intumescent fire collars

Where duct runs cross through building fabric such as walls and floors, it is vital that fire not be allowed to spread through the duct itself.

Intumescent fire collars react to rises in heat to seal the duct and slow the spread of fire.

DW154 recommends that fire stopping be external to plastic duct using collars, rather than internal using dampers.


Roperhurst supplies fans for all manner of installation. Whether belt driven, direct drive, in line or roof fans, we can source the right solution.

We work with our customers to ensure that the fan is made from the right material for the fume going through it, and that any additional protection (for example ATEX Zone 1) is taken into account. 

Stacks and accelerators (evases)

In the event that a stack is damaged in inclement weather, we can fabricate replacements from materials such as PPs, PVC and PVC/GRP at short notice and be on site to replace them, substantially reducing your downtime.

Please note that under HSG258 certain roof cowls are not permitted where venting of fume is taking place. If your fume extract has a mushroom-type cowl, or chinaman's hat, it should be replaced. 

Please contact us for more details.