Vision, mission and values

Our vision

Roperhurst will be the leading provider of bespoke plastic fabrication and ductwork in the UK.

To guarantee our continued success we will achieve a reasonable profit, continue to be the leader in our industry through individual and combined dedication, innovation, and integrity.

We will give our employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

Our mission

To be the most responsive, quality driven plastic fabricator in our chosen markets

Our values


We strive to perform at an excellent level in everything we do.  We are committed to producing and delivering products and services to the highest standard possible every time. 

We want the name “Roperhurst” on anything we do to be a guarantee of quality

People Development

We recognize and support the desire and ability of individuals to grow and improve. 

Our aim is successful development of people in a career path tailored to their abilities and potential.


We work together collectively to achieve our common vision and goals.

Respect and Integrity

We say what we mean and do what we say.  We act with unconditional honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times. 

We demonstrate respect for and appropriate loyalty towards our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Innnovation and Improvement

We drive change and challenge the status quo to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

We encourage ideas from every area of the company.


Individuals, teams, the whole company, we are all and we expect to be held accountable for our performance and results. 

We encourage responsibility on all levels, using initiative, as well as making sure the end result always meets expectations.


We do not apologise for the fact. We want to keep our business on a safe and secure footing for the long-term benefit and protection of our stakeholders, which includes employees and shareholders. 

This can only be achieved by running the company in a profitable way.