Roperhurst has manufactured all sorts of bespoke fibreglass products. Perhaps one of the most unusual was this GRP witches’ cauldron, measuring almost 2 metres high, which was designed as a centrepiece for a shopping centre in the run up to Halloween. The cauldron was manufactured in three sections, and bolted together to make an impressive cauldron, and definitely something for Halloween shoppers to talk about.

We also manufactured a 25m GRP planter for the new visitor centre at Cardiff Castle, opened at the end of 2008.  The main contractor needed something to sit on top of a low wall to act as a barrier, but which also met the stringent architectural requirements in place in such a historic site.  The planter was therefore made to match a classic Welsh slate colour and finish – the effect is so convincing you have to get right up against it to tell it apart!

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