Our team of engineers and plastic fabricators includes specialists delivering a range of safety-critical solutions:

  • Plastic ductwork fabrication using hot-air welding, all to BESA’s DW154.
  • In-house GRP specialists and dedicated fabrication workshop, including the use of high-performance and fire retardant resins.
  • Socket fusion, butt fusion, infra-red, electro-fusion jointing of thermoplastic pipework.
  • Full secondary containment systems.

Fume Capture

Hazardous fumes and gasses are created through a wide range of industrial, scientific and educational processes.  Safe and effective capture and containment varies according to the process being carried out and the fumes those processes create.

Whether it’s fume cupboards, cleanroom wet benches, process line lip extracts or other types of capture hood, Roperhurst will work with you to meet your needs.

Fume Removal and Discharge

The standard for plastic ductwork fabrication and installation in the UK is DW154, published by BESA.  As one of the few plastic ductwork companies to be a member of BESA, Roperhurst played an integral role in the original drafting of this standard, and is doing so again in 2021 for the review of the standard.

To the uninitiated it’s just plastic, but plastic ductwork is used for the transportation of chemical, biological or radiological fumes. Plastic ductwork is a safety-critical product.  Exposure to these fumes can be very dangerous, even fatal, and in such high risk circumstances can you afford to take chances on your contractor?

Need help in specifying a project or procuring a contractor?  Download our checklist here.

Roperhurst’s safety-critical plastic ductwork and stacks, fabricated using PVC, polypropylene/PPs, polyethylene and PVDF (all available with GRP reinforcement as necessary) follows the standards for both fabrication and installation.

Our teams of specialist installers ensure that standards are maintained from fabrication through to installation, making Roperhurst a UK market leader in safety-critical plastic ductwork.

Fume Abatement

Fume abatement and scrubbing takes many forms depending on application:

  • Carbon absorption:  The term activated carbon can be used to refer to a wide range of amorphous, carbon based materials exhibiting a high degree of porosity and an extended inter particulate surface area.
  • Bio-media filtration:  Bio-media units are biological filters using pumice stones as the media material on which micro
    organisms can grow in a thin bio film.  These micro-organisms break down the odour components in the gas stream (e.g. hydrogen
  • Chemical scrubbing:  Using vertical or horizontal scrubbing vessels to slow and scrub a fume.  After passing through a random packed media section the cleaned gas stream continues through a de-mister and/or droplet eliminator that entrains and removes any residual moisture prior to exiting the scrubber.

Roperhurst offers design and fabrication of complete fume scrubbing solutions, which includes the glass reinforced scrubber unit, the associated ductwork with volume control dampers and the carbon or HEPA filters; bespoke units to suit each customer’s requirements.

Plastic ductwork and Glass reinforced solutions

With this range of skills, we can implement any plastic solution that the market demands:

  • Fabrication of Plastic ductwork to cover the most challenging industry requirements with regards to materials and sizes, following the specification BESA DW154 (Specification for Plastic Ductwork). Chemical plants, steelworks or nuclear sites are some of the places where we have worked in the past.
  • Design and fabrication and Plastic glass reinforced stacks: modular options, free-standing design, calculations and fabrication.
  • Bespoke pipework modules associated to fume scrubbers or other relevant equipment.
  • Laboratory furniture: bespoke fume cupboards, fume hoods and wet benches as per customer requirements.
  • GRP structures, including platforms, steps, walkways or covers.
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