Roperhurst offers our customers a full range of Service & Maintenance options:

  • In-house experienced engineers ready to take your call.
  • Tailored reporting, identifying critical items to be addressed.
  • Rapid turnaround of reports and recommendations.
  • Accurate costing.
  • Ability to service and maintain a wide range of plant and equipment.
  • Capability to respond quickly when issues arise.
  • Modern fleet of fully equipped vehicles capable of undertaking the full range of measurements and undertaking minor repairs as required.

Assurance services including testing and inspection

The specification and installation of thermoplastic tanks, pipework and ductwork within industry is a specialism.  Unfortunately a consequence can be that the end user is unable to differentiate between a good and bad installation until a failure occurs, which can have serious financial and safety implications.

Roperhurst, with 40 years of specialist industry experience, can inspect existing installations and issue expert reports identifying areas of risk, with recommendations for remedial actions, following the most relevant specifications.

Scrubber service and maintenance

A number of our clients require regular service and maintenance of their scrubbers, carried out under quarterly or six-monthly contracts.

Our work includes:

  • Inspection and repair of ductwork, mist eliminators, pipework, pumps, fans and tanks
  • Calibration/replacement of pH probes and sensors
  • Replacement of carbon filters.
  • Cleaning of pall rings/packing, with replacement as required.
  • Servicing of pumps and fans.

A comprehensive report is supplied on completion of the works, with recommendations for other remedial items as appropriate.

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