At Roperhurst we pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative in providing the services that meet our customers’ needs, following the relevant standards and manufacturing our products to the best quality. We believe that our knowledge, infrastructure, our people and our processes set us aside from the vast majority of the competition.

Fume extraction & abatement

From our factory in Barry, Roperhurst provide bespoke design and fabrication services, offering a range of products from plastic fume extract ductwork systems to odour control solutions and bespoke fume scrubbers. Size and complexity is never an issue – if it’s to be made from plastic, we can help you.

Our experienced team of engineers and fitters provides specialist knowledge and delivers the best site installation and maintenance.

Chemical storage

Roperhurst can help you to design a tank or bund that best fits your needs, assisting from design stage through installation, connecting your finished product with the required pipework.

We offer design and fabrication of  Tanks, Vessels and bunds for a variety of applications, following the relevant specifications BS EN 12573 (Manufacture of Pure Thermoplastic Tanks), BS4994:1987 Categories 1, 2 and 3 (Manufacture of Chemical Resistant Plastic Lined Dual laminate Glass Fibre Reinforced Tanks) and DVS 2205 (Calculation of Tanks and Apparatus made of Thermoplastics).

Chemical pipework

Roperhurst installs single and dual containment pipework for use in the most exacting of conditions, and works regularly at COMAH sites in the chemical, steel and automotive industries.

We work with PVC, ABS, PVDF, polypropylene, vulcathene and polyethylene, ensuring safe installations of pressurised acid lines, hot and cold water, drains and air lines.

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