Definition:  Safety critical systems are those whose failure results in loss of life, property damage or damage to the environment.

Our customers have asked us to provide some information to help them through the minefields of specification and procurement.  Repeatedly customers stress that above all else they want a quality outcome, with ductwork built and installed to standard, by a supplier that meets their service standards.

The quality of specification is critical to ductwork compliance and a successful project outcome:

  • What?  Plastic ductwork should be fabricated and installed to BESA’s DW154
  • By whom?  By a BESA member specialising in plastic ductwork fabrication and installation

There are further questions from the contractor’s perspective:

  • Is the sub-contractor a BESA member specialising in plastic ductwork fabrication and installation?
  • Does the sub-contractor have a track record of previous successful plastic ductwork fabrication and installation projects?
  • Can the sub-contractor evidence a commitment to quality, eg ISO9001:2015?
  • Is the sub-contractor of sufficient scale for the project at hand?

Looking to specify or procure a fume extract ductwork project?  Download our checklist here

We set out below some videos which outline what compliant DW154 plastic ductwork looks like, and some of the ways in which standards are abused to give the impression of value.

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