Application:   Automotive component rinse baths

Location: Wolverhampton
Contract Value: £95,000
Overall Project Value:  Not disclosed
Overview:  Fabricate, supply and install polypropylene lip extraction serving large rinse tanks, complete with PVC/GRP extract ductwork, PVC/GRP horizontal fume scrubber and PVC/GRP discharge stack.

The Challenge

Roperhurst designs and builds fume scrubbers for a variety of industrial uses, using materials such as polypropylene, PVDF, PVC or PVC/GRP.

Our customer, a blue chip automotive company, approached our team to provide the best solution for the treatment of chemical fumes coming from their process line. Design considerations were UK specific and included the Health and Safety at Work Act, the REACH Directive and HSG 258 Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work.

This particular PVC/GRP horizontal flow scrubber unit for the fume treatment is Roperhurst model 6113/800/HFW.  This unit offers pH monitoring and is complete with integral liquor holding tank reservoir, gas inlet taper, random packed section, irrigation section, droplet/mist eliminator, gas outlet taper, interconnecting pipe system from re-circulation pump unit to irrigation section, plus all necessary access/viewing ports.

The integral liquor holding tank reservoir is complete with water make-up ball float valve, low-level switch, re-circulation pump connection, drain valve and overflow connection. The interconnecting pipe system includes flow rate control valve and flow meter complete with flow limit switch, pH by-pass completed with isolation valve, probe holder and flow rate control valve.

The 31,000mᵌ/hr capacity system, including bespoke polypropylene lip extraction hoods, DW154 ductwork, fume treatment, inverter-controlled centrifugal plastic fan and discharge stack, were specifically designed and built as a bespoke solution, with supply, installation and commissioning completed to programme despite the challenges of the pandemic.

From conception to completion since 1976, Roperhurst’s expertise and experience has produced safe to operate, reliable plant and equipment, compliant with all H&S and environmental legislation, on time and on budget.

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