Application:  University Research Building

Location:  Oxford
Contract Value:  £360,000
Overall Project Value:  Not disclosed
Overview:  Fabricate ranges of PVC/GRP ductwork to DW154 and transfer to York for offsite modular pre-installation of plant room skids and stack frames.
Then relocate all parts to Oxford for final site installation, including installation of sections of ductwork to connect modular plant room to existing systems, and to stacks.

The Challenge

PVC/GRP ductwork was manufactured at our facility in South Wales and transported to our client’s off-site modular facility in York, where each element of the project was assembled ready for final installation.

The plant room was carefully assembled in a series of steel-framed modules, made up of DW154 ductwork, cooling coils and polypropylene centrifugal fan units.

Precision installation would ensure that time on site for final installation would be vastly reduced.

Installation on site was limited to bolting up flanges and installation of make sections between plant room and existing systems, and plant room and stacks.

Installation quality was confirmed by a series of leakage tests to BESA’s DW143.

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