In this article, Roperhurst’s Managing Director discusses the benefits of using BESA specialists for safety-critical plastic ductwork projects.

“The Grenfell tragedy has focussed the minds of specialists within the sector to the important of using specialist contractors to carry out specialist tasks.  Not surprisingly, the focus has been on fire safety, but in reality every system going into a building that has a risk mitigation function will be subject to the same level of critical assessment.”

As well as identifying some of the pitfalls faced by non-specialists, Martin concludes:

The most important consideration when specifying and contracting safety-critical industrial plastic ductwork to DW154 is to ensure that the sub-contractor is a BESA member specialising in in-house industrial plastic ductwork fabrication and installation.  Use the “Find a member” function on the BESA website to assist you.

Take advantage of the educational resources on the BESA website, which will provide you with some background on the kinds of shortcuts to look out for, and how to identify compliance with DW154.

And remember the old adage that you have to pick two from three – price, quality, delivery.  Cheapest is rarely best value, especially now that the personal and corporate consequences of failure even several years down the road can be so high.

Read the full article here.

BESA Book 2021 editorial – safety critical ductwork – published

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