Our most recent PVC/GRP ductwork project in Oxford is coming to an end, with 70 fume cupboards and low level extracts connected via ranges of PVC and PVC/GRP ductwork, all fabricated and installed to DW154, and leakage tested to DW143.

Fabrication was carried out at our South Wales factory by our team of experienced plastic fabricators and laminators.

Installation highlights included the installation of our stacks and framework using a 300T crane. Roperhurst’s Angel Ramos, who was project manager, oversaw transportation from our Barry factory to Oxford, and the subsequent lift to their new home.  Angel said “There was a tremendous feeling of pride and relief when the stack was finally bolted into position.  A lot of people worked very hard to make this happen, and it’s hugely rewarding to see the outcome.”

Also worthy of mention is our site team, who won the fortnightly site safety award on three separate occasions.  This is a great achievement for a site of more than 180 people, and well done to them.

Oxford is typical of the work that Roperhurst does – for over 40 years we have assisted customers across the UK and beyond in delivering bespoke safety-critical plastic projects, be it ductwork, pipework, tanks, scrubbers or composite solutions

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