On a sunny afternoon in July, Roperhurst’s staff took to powerboats in the Bristol Channel and enjoyed 2 hours of adrenaline-filled racing around the islands of Flatholme and Steepholme.

It wasn’t just a chance to make some waves – the afternoon started in a meeting room as management and staff talked through the company’s strategy for the next three years, and discuss the experiences of the previous 12 months.  It was a very interactive session, and no one was shy to come forward and make suggestions.

After this, it was off to Cardiff Bay and the chance to experience some quality power boating.  On the way out of Cardiff Bay, the boats had to pass through the Cardiff Bay Barrage, the first time many of us had seen this massive piece of engineering up close.  Then it was into open water and the chance to open the throttle and have some fun.

When we got back, pretty wet despite the sou’westers, there was no better way to dry off than a few beers in one of the local pubs, before everyone made their way home, some later than others!

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