A boiling hot Friday afternoon saw the latest Roperhurst away day, this time to Teamsport’s karting track in Cardiff.

Twelve people took part in a Grand Prix, which included practice and qualifying sessions before a 20 minute race to decide who could race fastest without fear.

The drivers reached speeds of more than 30mph and began to improve lap times as they identified the racing line; the trick was to find that fine line between controlled aggression and outright madness.

Once the race proper began, that line was crossed on more than one occasion, and often we found ourselves sliding out of control into the tyres, or each other, rather than slicing through the traffic.

It was a close fought affair, highlighted by some brilliant driving and some outrageous manoeuvring.  The winner was Stig Whiteley, closely followed by Stig Christoforato and Stig Margus.

As soon as the trophies had been presented, it was time to cool off with a few drinks and a meal in Cardiff’s Cafe Quarter… until next time.

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