Our team of specialist installers completed the installation of a PVC/GRP fume scrubber and associated pipework at a surface coating plant in Virginia, USA.

The plant is part of an international group that Roperhurst has worked with for many years, and we worked alongside a client team from the UK to ensure that the project was completed within the tight timescale and to budget.

The scrubber, originally built by Roperhurst more than 15 years ago, was stripped down and transferred from a mainland European site to the Virginia plant following a restructuring of capacity, and then reassembled by Roperhurst.

Martin Whiteley, Roperhurst’s site director who led the team, said:  “This was an interesting and challenging project, because we hadn’t seen the scrubber since its export some 15 years ago.  We were delighted to find that it remained in excellent condition, despite its substantial working life, and its testament to the durability of the materials and the design that it’s as good today as it was when it left the factory.”

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