Roperhurst has stepped in to solve a builder’s problem at a residential extension.  Local builder Martin L was at the end of his tether when four stonemasons visited site and each told him they couldn’t match the existing stone quoins.

Fortunately Martin was introduced to Roperhurst, who were able to take samples of both sizes of quoin and reproduce exact replicas in GRP (the GRP one’s are the cleaner ones!)

We produced two moulds from the existing, and then matched the original colour.  These were moulds were then used to replicate the stone originals, right down to the coarseness of the finish.

Making moulds and making replicas is not always as cheap as a stone product, although the quantity required is important as the cost of the moulds can be spread over the total number of quoins required.

Martin L said:  “This is a high quality extension and it was very important to me that we met the client’s expectations. Since we’ve finished the job, I showed an example of Roperhurst’s GRP to one of the stonemasons, who confirmed that they were the most faithful recreations he had ever seen.”

Roperhurst team of dedicated laminators have a track record of impressive bespoke architectural GRP features, including slate roof panels, brick and stone chimney pots, and clock towers.

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