On 29th May 2015 we wished Doug Stoneham farewell in his retirement.  Doug was Roperhurst’s first employee in 1976, and after nearly 40 years of plastic fabrication 70 year old Doug felt that he had “done his bit”.

Bob Lane, Roperhurst’s MD, said “Doug stepped down from five days to four when he hit 65, but has continued to work with absolute commitment and dedication to Roperhurst.  Doug taught me to weld when I joined in 1978, and over the years many other employees have benefitted from his knowledge and experience.”

Lane continues “It’s worth remembering that when Doug started work for Roperhurst in 1976, inflation was around 20% and the highest rate of tax was 83%.  Britain had been through a hot, dry summer, industrial disputes were long and bitter, Rocky was the #1 film and flared collars and trousers were the clothes to be seen in.  Much has changed over the years, but Doug’s commitment has not, and we are very grateful.

We wish Doug all the best in his retirement.”

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