Six of Roperhurst’s employees have completed certification under EN13067 for welding with E-CTFE (also know as “halar”).  Three of our staff completed the testing for hot gas welding, and a further three completed additional testing for extrusion welding.

The welders presented sample test panels which were visually inspected and then tensile tested in accordance with EN13067 and section 34 of BS4994:98.

In addition, they completed a written examination in accordance with EN13067, clause 5.3.

Roperhurst MD Bob Lane said:  “Having invested in welder certification for PVC and polypropylene in recent years, I am delighted that we have added still further to our comprehensive welding resource.  We have received a number of halar enquiries in recent years, and it has become apparent that there is only limited capability within the UK market.

Roperhurst has fabricated a number of bespoke vessels to BS4994 from polypropylene and PVC, and broadening our skill set will open up new opportunities both in the UK and overseas.”

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