Standards assured by 3rd party accreditation

Roperhurst’s reputation has been built up over more than 45 years of trading.  We protect our reputation and our competitive advantage by investing in quality management, and it is critical for our customers that our commitment is underpinned by third party certification and assessment.

ISO9001 : 2015

ISO9001:2015 is an internationally recognised mark of quality assurance.

In the most simple terms, a quality management system such as ISO 9001 is a clearly defined set of business processes. Together with the relevant documentation, it defines our commitment to creating products and services in accordance with pre-defined standards.

An effective QMS ensures that Roperhurst delivers to a consistently high standard, together with a plan to continually measure and improve every aspect of the business operations, within the appropriate regulatory framework.

Current Roperhurst ISO 9001 2015 Certificate.


Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is the mutual recognition scheme for occupational health and safety standards particularly within construction.  Roperhurst’s compliance is assured by:

SSIP – Safecontractor membership certificate

SSIP – Acclaim membership Certificate


Established in 1904, BESA has a proud heritage and has been known by several names throughout its history, most notably as the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA). Now operating as BESA, their primary focus is to support and serve their members active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in buildings.

BESA publishes DW154, the UK standard for plastic ductwork fabrication and installation. The technical committee which wrote that standard was chaired by Graham Handley, Roperhurst’s founder.

Roperhurst are one of only a handful of plastic ductwork specialists who are also members of BESA, and are regularly audited for quality and compliance by BESCA. Acting as a UKAS accredited body as part of the wider BESA Group, BESCA aims to help businesses and individuals within the UK to meet industry standards, ensuring compliance and promoting best practice within the building engineering services industry.

BESA membership certificate


Thousands of buyers rely on the Constructionline platform to identify high quality, pre-approved construction suppliers. Constructionline validates all of its members, providing those buyers with a pool of high quality suppliers that they can confidently engage with.

PAS 91 is a standardised prequalification questionnaire, designed to reduce the need for suppliers to complete a variety of different documents for different clients, simplifying the process for suppliers. Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the question set is the common minimum standard for construction procurement.  Constructionline members are assessed against the PAS 91 enhanced questionnaire.

Constructionline Gold membership certificate

Limited company insurances

Customers need to be assured that we carry the appropriate level of insurances for the work we carry out.  In addition to the basics of employer’s and public liability, this also includes contractors’ all risks insurance and professional indemnity.

Roperhurst Insurances – brokers letter

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