Roperhurst are one of the UK’s leading plastic fabrication and environmental engineering specialists, based in Barry, South Wales.

Throughout our 40 year history, our experienced team of qualified plastics welders and laminators have supplied bespoke plastic fabrication solutions using PVC, polypropylene, PVDF, polycarbonate, PET, E-CTFE, nylon, polyethylene, PTFE, reinforced with GRP (fibreglass) as required.

We work to the highest UK and international standards, including DW 154, DVS 2205, BS EN 12573 and BS 4994.


Fume scrubbers for a wide range of industrial uses

Roperhurst designs, builds and services fume scrubbers for a variety of industrial uses, using materials such as polypropylene, PVDF, PVC or PVC/GRP.  This PVC/GRP fume scrubber was built by Roperhurst in Barry last year on behalf of IEM Technologies Limited for export to China.

Fume scrubbers for a wide range of industrial uses
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