Fibreglass Services
  • Clock
  • Architectual GRP - St Albans Church
  • GRP "slate" roofing panels
  • Architectual GRP - replacement clock face
  • St Albans church
  • PVC/GRP tank
  • Clock

Architectual GRP and concealment

Roperhurst is a leading exponent of using GRP for a range of architectual solutions.

In recent years, building contractors, planning officcers and architects have embraced GRP as a perfect way of replacing a valued feature; Roperhurst's work has involved clock towers, bell towers and building facades.

In addition we work closely with the telecommunications industry to provide concealment solutions, thereby ensuring that otherwise unsightly towers and cables blend seemlessly into the existing environment.

GRP-reinforced, and pure GRP tanks and ductwork

There are many environments that require plastic ductwork and tanks to be reinforvced with GRP.  This might be for reasons of increased strength, fire retardance or chemcial resistance.

Roperhurst can deliver the solution to fit the environment, no matter how demanding.

GRP roofing

Roperhurst also offers a full GRP roofing service.