Fume Scrubbing
  • PVC/GRP fume scrubber
  • Fume cupboard and scrubber
  • PVC/GRP fume scrubber

There are many circumstances where fume cannot be vented to air, either because of the location of the extraction or because the fume itself is too harmful.

Where this arises, Roperhurst can advise on the design, installation and commissioning of scrubbing solutions to meet the particular need. 

Scrubbers need to be designed to take account of the type and concentration of chemical being produced - our scrubbers, including those we build for IEM Technologies Limited, are currently in use in a number of sites around the UK as well as Taiwan and mainland China.

Whether PVC, PVC/GRP, polypropylene or PVDF, we will work with you to ensure that the scrubber is made from the most chemically resistant material, is of sufficient volume and takes account of any constraints in your working environment.