GRP grid, GRP handrail and GRP stairs
  • GRP platform, showing how GRP grid and GRP handrail can be assembled to provide safe access
  • GRP handrail and GRP grid providing a secure roof environment
  • Non-slip GRP walkway using grid
  • Roperhurst based near Cardiiff, South Wales, can supply GRP ladders for a range of applications
  • Roperhurst in Barry stocks a range of GRP structural profiles
  • GRP platform, showing how GRP grid and GRP handrail can be assembled to provide safe access

As an approved supplier and installer of the Core6 range of GRP products, Roperhurst supplies and installs a comprehensive range of composite solutions, including GRP grid, GRP handrail systems, GRP stairs and GRP ladders from its premises in Barry, South Wales.

Download our "why choose core6" document for further technical details.

GRP Handrails and Ladders

GRP handrail and grid on a roofWe produce specially designed Core6 GRP handrail systems delivered to your exact requirements. Manufactured from Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic, they provide a virtually maintenance free alternative to conventional handrail systems.

Bespoke GRP accessGRP access products have been used extensively in many industries for over 40 years. Whether you require plain uncut panels of grating through to custom fabrications and a full site installation service, we have a solution for every requirement.

Moulded GRP Grating

GRP grid used to create safe walkway on roofCore6 Moulded grating provides a fast, safe and effective flooring solution to walkway and access areas where slips, trips and falls are a potential hazard.  The GRP grid has built-in non-slip properties, and is very lightweight compared to the metal alternative.

Grid and other components used to fabricate gateGRP grating can be used in conjunction with other components to fabricate gates and other bespoke features.

Moulded GRP grating is manufactured by laying continuous glass fibres into the mould, in a vertical and horizontal direction, and thoroughly wetted out with resin, layer by layer. When the weaving process is completed, the mould is cooled to cure the panel.

Structural GRP Profiles

GRP structural profiles  including Tube, I-Beam, Channel, Box Section and Core6 GRP Angle SectionWe supply a range of Core6 GRP Structural Profiles including Tube, I-Beam, Channel, Box Section and Core6 GRP Angle Section. These pultruded Core6 GRP profiles can be used in a wide range of applications and offer a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, thermal and electric non-conductivity. Each composite structure is available in a number of dimensions to suit for a variety of applications and design requirements.

Roperhurst Core6 GRP profile sections are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin reinforced with E glass fibre and including continuous strand mat and a polyester surface veil as the surface layer. This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and long-life durability at an economic cost when compared to steel and Aluminium.

The standard BS EN 13706 – Specification for Pultruded Profiles, defines two grades of structural profiles. All Roperhurst Core6 GRP structural profiles with a wall thickness of over 5mm thick meet the higher performance E23 grade while those at 3-5mm wall meets the E17 grade.

GRP Tread Covers and GRP Grit Plates

GRP stair treadsCore6 GRP non-slip stair tread covers from Roperhurst provide a fast, safe and effective solution to slippery, worn, or uneven stair treads. Core6 GRP tread covers are easy to install to existing concrete, wood or steel stair treads using a mechanical fixing or general purpose adhesive. This ensures a highly visible, robust and durable slip resistant walking surface.

Core6 GRP tread covers are resistant to most chemicals, offer superior corrosion resistance and can offer protection to the substrate below.

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