News November - 2016

17/11/16 PVC ductwork leaves for nuclear site

PVC ductwork fabricated for the nuclear industryOn 17th November Roperhurst despatched the first phase of PVC ductwork for a nuclear facility in the North of England. 

The ductwork, fabricated to DW154, was rolled using our Ingenia butt fusion machine, and then one-piece machined flanges welded on by our team of EN 13067-certified welders. 

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11/11/16 Roperhurst's GRP slate panels return to Cardiff's Christmas Market

It's a delight to see that our GRP "mock slate" roof panels at Cardiff's Christmas Market look as realistic today as they did when they were supplied five years ago, and it's a testament to their durability given the number of times that they have been assembled and stripped down.

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