Roperhurst Awayday 2017


Chaos at LlandowThe sun was shining and it was time for the 2017 Roperhurst away day.  A new challenge this year, to follow the indoor carting, mini-golf and bowling of previous years, as we made our way to Llandow, home of one of Wales' largest and fastest outdoor karting circuits.

The objective was straightforward - beat Martin Whiteley, who has won every event since the dawn of time, and carve a new name into Roperhurst folklore.

Challenging for the titleThings started well, with a series of heats to determine semi final grid positions.  It was a delicate balance between aggression and skill, as the fat boys fought to stay on the track at high speed through tight turns.  It was clear that the lighter drivers, "Mad" Andy Margus and "Dangerous" Dale Watkins, had an advantage over everyone else.

Whiteley takes out the competition (again)The semi-finals were equally hard fought, with Martin "the axeman" Whiteley cutting up everyone in his path in his bid to retain the title, and it was Margus, Watkins and Whiteley who finished as the three leading drivers. 

And then controversy, as the stewards decided to start the final in reverse order.  "He's no" Angel Ramos, who had driven with care and precision, started at the front of the grid, with an increasingly disgruntled group of drivers behind him.

The result was predictable.  Total chaos as the back of the grid tried to force their way through the field, ensuring that at some point pretty much everyone left the track.  All Angel had to do was keep out of trouble, and with the field taking each other out, he lasted the 12 laps and secured the trophy for this year, alongside Rhys "John Wayne" Bobbit and Elliott "the silent assassin" Billington.  The boys at the back are already plotting revenge!

Roperhurst champions 2017

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