Plastic Ductwork
  • Major plastic ductwork installation
  • Polypropylene/GRP ductwork
  • Odour Control Ductwork
  • Installation of polypropylene/GRP ductwork
  • Major plastic ductwork installation

Roperhurst fabricates and installs all types of ductwork, whether circular or rectangular, from a range of materials including PVC, GRP, PVC/GRP, PPS, polypropylene/GRP, aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel.  We carry significant stock and are happy to work on a supply-only basis.

Depending on the type of material and its application, we fabricate and install using welding and fusion techniques in compliance with HVCA DW144 and DW154.

We work with our customers to provide an appropriate material to the application, sized to satisfy desired flow rates across the run.

Our DW154 plastic ductwork projects include:

  • PVC/GRP ductwork for swimming pools
  • PVC/GRP ductwork for waste water treatment works (WwTW) - see case study
  • PVC ductwork for fume extract from educational fume cupboards
  • PPS ductwork for fume extract from industrial fume cupboards
  • PP/GRP ductwork for large scale industrial acid fume extraction - see news article

Our DW144 ductwork projects include:

  • Aluminium ductwork for odour control
  • Steel ductwork for wood waste dust extract
  • Steel ductwork for hospital solvent fume extract - see case study

Some of this work in is exacting conditions, at height or in confined spaces.  Our staff are all appropriately certified to deliver a quality solution whatever the environment.

Where ductwork is to be installed, we recommend that customers refer to the B&ES website to ensure that the contractor is qualified to undertake the work under DW144 and/or DW154.  Roperhurst are long-standing members, and will fabricate and install metal and plastic ductwork to meet these standards.