Plastic pipework

Roperhurst installs single and dual containment pipework for use in the most exacting of conditions, and works regularly at COMAH sites in the chemical, steel and automotive industries.

We work with PVC, ABS, PVDF, polypropylene, vulcathene and polyethylene, ensuring safe installations of pressurised acid lines, hot and cold water, drains and air lines.

We have installed dual containment plastic pipe runs in PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene, using recognised brands such as Georg Fisher, Durapipe, Astore and others.  We carry significant stock, and are therefore able to quickly respond to our customers' needs.

As with ductwork, we urge customers to think carefully about the skills and experience of the contractors used to install plastic pipework.  In many cases, plastic pipework is used to transport highly dangerous liquids at high pressure and temperature.  The consequences of failure are substantial, and we recommend that questions around skills and experience of working with the specific pipework material are always included in tenders.

Chemical compatability charts can be found on the George Fischer website.