Assurance services including testing and inspection

The specification and installation of thermoplastic tanks, pipework and ductwork within industry is a specialism.  Unfortunately a consequence can be that the end user is unable to differentiate between a good and bad installation until a failure occurs, which can have serious financial and safety implications.

Roperhurst, with 40 years of specialist industry experience, can inspect existing installations and issue expert reports identifying areas of risk, with recommendations for remedial actions.

Examples of poor quality or inappropriate installations include:

  • Use of thermoplastic and glass reinforced tanks for storage of hazardous liquids, which have not been made to a standard (eg glass reinforced tanks which do not comply with BS4994).
  • Installation of plastic pipework with insufficient, or poorly installed, bracketry, leading to leakage.
  • Poor specification of plastic pipework, meaning that the wrong material is used for the fluid being transported.
  • Installation of dual containment pipework without leak detection, valves, flanges or unions making maintenance impossible.
  • Fabrication and/or installation of plastic ductwork which does not comply with B&ES' DW154.
  • Installation of dust and fume extraction systems which fail to control the hazardous substance, or which are fundamentally at odds with the recommendations of HSE's HSG258