Overseas projects (Finland, Czech Republic, Australia)

Case study 1:  Finland

ECTFE/GRP tankRoperhurst sent a team to Fnland to install an E-CTFE/GRP tank fabricated at our premises near Cardiff, South Wales.

Because of its size, the tank had been fabricated and transported in three sections, and had to be reassembled on site. 

Due to restrictions in access and agress, the work was considered a confined space and was caried out by our quaified staff.

Joints were extrusion and hand welded by welders certified to BS EN13067 (E-CTFE), with spark testing performed to confirm integrity.

Following completion of internal works, the tank was hydrostatically tested before being signed off.

Case study 2:  Czech Republic

Polypropylene pickle tankOur team of three was sent to the Czech Republic by our US customer to complete the fabrication of a polypropylene pickle tank to replace one damaged by a fire.

Roperhurst worked on site for three weeks, ensuring that the tank would be ready within the specified timeframe.

Case study 3:  Australia

Roperhurst sent a team of six specialist engineers for two weeks to work in a steelworks in Australia.

Roperhurst was chosen by the American contractor because of the quality of work we had provided to them previously in the UK.

Our work involved repairs to the "pickle line", a series of enormous polypropylene tanks filled with hot acid through which strip steel is pulled to clean it of impurities.  The steel is pulled through at such speed that, on occasion, it can collide with parts of the tank, damaging or even breaching its side/base. 

Our team understood the stresses that these tanks are put under, and worked closely with the original designers to ensure that the repair focused on restoring the structural integrity of the tank.

This was a challenging project, working in intense heat and in confined spaces, but was finished ahead of time and on budget, much to the delight of our American contractor and the end customer.