Fume scrubbers for a wide range of industrial uses

Roperhurst designs and builds fume scrubbers for a variety of industrial uses, using materials such as polypropylene, PVDF, PVC or PVC/GRP. 

Roperhurst fabricates PVC/GRP fume scrubberThis particular PVC/GRP fume scrubber was built by Roperhurst in Barry last year on behalf of IEM Technologies Limited for export to China. It was one of more than a dozen sent to China and  Taiwan during 2011, reflecting the growing desire for high quality products to mitigate environmental risks in the Far East.


Riperhurst manufactures polypropylene fume scrubbers

Roperhurst has also manufactured polypropylene fume scrubbers like the one shown here, installed by us alongside an industrial fume cupboard.  As well as the scrubber and cupboard, we also installed fan, ductwork and carbon filters to ensure the highest level of environmental protection.

A number of our clients require regular service and maintenance of their scrubbers, carried out under quarterly or six-monthly contracts. 

Our work includes:

  • Inspection of ductwork, mist eliminators, pipework, pumps, fans and tanks
  • Calibration/replacement of pH probes and sensors
  • Replacement of carbon filters
  • Cleaning of pall rings/packing, with replacement as required
  • Servicing of pumps and fans
  • Pipework repairs and modifications.

A comprehensive report is supplied on completion of the works, with recommendations for other remedial items as appropriate.

This is a nationwide service - please contact us for more details.