Odour control (waste water treatment)

Roperhurst has carried out major odour control works at waste water treatment plants around the country.

Merlins Bridge waste water treatment works odour control ductwork

The site above in Pembrokeshire, West Wales required:

  • safe removal and disposal of redundant ductwork;
  • fabrication and installation of odour control ductwork, using PVC reinforced with GRP;
  • design, fabrication and installation of liftable GRP walk-on panels, together with handrailing;
  • design, fabrication and installation of PVC/GRP hoods which were positioned over skips and other open storage, and linked via ductwork to odour control units.
GRP lift up panels at waste water treatment works

These GRP panels are designed to be safe to walk on - they have a gritted surface to provide additional grip - and are hinged to allow access to the slurry pit beneath.

The PVC/GRP hood is designed for strength and durability; it is atached to a hinged arm which allows it to be moved safely when the skip is emptied and reduce the risk of damage.

PVC/GRP odour control hood at waste water treatment plant

The project was completed within the timescale and on budget, and to the client's specification.