Dust Extraction and Cyclones
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  • Comprehensive dust and fume extraction solutions
  • PVC/GRP cyclone
  • Dust extraction solutions

Over the years Roperhurst has installed a large number of dust extraction solutions to both industry and the education sector. 

At the smaller end of the scale, we install local extraction (LEV) in school woodworking (D&T) departments, using extraction units and equipment manufactured by established brands such as:

  • P&J
  • Dustraction
  • Dustcheck
  • Nederman
  • Plymovent
  • Axminster
  • Laserex
  • Purex
  • Flextraction
  • Mardon.

Dust extractionWe provide both fixed and mobile solutions depending on the application and our customers' specific needs.  If you're not sure what you need, the HSE's website can provide you with some free initial guidance.

Where the volume of dust is so substantial that smaller extraction  units are inappropriate, we also fabricate PVC/GRP cyclones.  These are very useful where dust is to be collected into large hoppers, and where it is vital that its velocity is minimised to prevent dust issues around the collection area.