Fume Cupboards
  • Fume Cupboard installation
  • PVC/GRP fume scrubber
  • Fume cupboard and polypropylene scrubber installation
  • Fume Cupboard installation

Roperhurst provides fume cupboard solutions for educational and industrial environments. 

Fume cupboards for schools

Educational fume cupboards can be recirculating or ducted, and sized to meet your needs. 

Our educational fume cupboards comply with the requirements and recommendations of Design Note 29, CLEAPPS and Building Bulletin 88.

We offer:

  • Fixed ducted fume cupboards, which vent to air via ductwork and stacks.
  • Fixed recirculating fume cupboards, which filter the fume before returning it to the classroom
  • Mobile recirculating fume cupboards, which can be moved from clasroom to classroom as required by use of docking stations.

Industrial cupboards

We offer both Ducted Fume Cupboards and Filtration Fume Cupboards for industrial applications which are designed to protect operators from hazardous substances.

We also offer a range of Walk-In Fume Cupboards, as well as specialist Radioactive Fume Cupboards and Water Wash Fume Cupboards where perchloric or hydrofluoric acid is used. 

Industrial cupboards are available in a range of standard sizes, and can also be tailored to meet specific needs.  This may mean the use of specific materials to provide sufficient chemical resistance, or bespoke sizing to fit into existing laboratory spaces.

Ducted fume cupboards can be vented to air via polypropylene or PVC ductwork, using GRP where additional chemical resistance, fire retardance or strength is important.

We supply and install fans, mounted either internally or externally depending on the customer's needs.

In the event that venting fume straight to air is not an option, we can design, fabricate and commission fume scrubbers to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.  Depending on the chemical composition of fume, we can fabricate scrubbers from polypropylene, PVC, PVC/GRP and PVDF.  Our scrubbers are in use in the UK and the Far East.

Please see our case studies for examples of projects in this area.