Machine Guards and Bespoke Fabrication
  • Polypropylene basket
  • Valve Box
  • Machine guard
  • Odour control hood
  • Metal detector cover
  • PVC Valve Box
  • Polypropylene basket

If it needs to be made from plastic, we can make it!

That philosophy has served us very well over the years.  It is not usual for customers to approach us with a problem and no idea of the solution - our management team have over 100 years' experience in the industry, and it's very rare that a problem is truly unique.

We apply our skills and experience to ensure that the customer gets the solution they need, for the right price and in the knowledge that it can also be installed on site by our experienced site engineers.

From the smallest and most straightforward machine guard through to complicated and substantial architectual or industrial fabrications, we have the people who can deliver the solution.